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New touch interface – Subcycle

Posted on 22 October 2009 by diode

New Multitouch music user interface. Amazing! Great work from Christian Bannister at subcycle. Best explained by watching the video.

multi-touch the storm – interactive sound visuals – subcycle labs from christian bannister on Vimeo.

originally discovered via CDM

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Vintage Supro amp reproduction

Posted on 19 October 2009 by diode


Doh! I waited too long. I’ve had my eye on a custom reproduction of a vintage supro amp cabinet for a while. It was made by ampcabco. Their website is now down so it looks like I’ll no longer be able to get it :(
The cab was this beautiful little baby blue tolex 112. I was planning on shoving in the guts of an EL84 based design that I started on as a teenager and never quite finished. Oh well, time to start looking for a different box. The Marshall 18watt style repro cabs from mojo look nice … but, somehow too ordinary. If anyone has info on where to get a blue supro style cab, please contact us.

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Remote AC switch for powered studio monitors

Posted on 05 October 2009 by diode

A relatively boring purchase but highly useful!


My long-standing dilemma on how to control the power to my studio monitors is finally over. Now, powered monitors are great, but since none of them really have easily accessible power switches I have been struggling with how to turn them on and off.  I found and purchased this for $12 at parts express and it works great. I had been reaching down to my power strip under the workstation desk for probably 3 years now to turn on my powered monitors. Now i’ve got this little remote on my desk and it works great! The system consists of one outlet (which I connect to the power strip that has my monitors connected), and a wireless remote. I also didn’t have room on my desk for a big rack power strip / switch. So, for all of you with this same dilemma, get this little gadget.

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