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Custom Echo Park – internal shots

Posted on 24 March 2009 by diode


Internal wiring isn’t quite as neat as it could be but…oh well. All of the guitar signals are made with shielded cable. The cabling for the pots, toggle switch, power supply and tap footswitch are unshielded since they are all DC control voltages or DC supply.


Mounting the module pcb to the main pcb is the most difficult part of the conversion. It’s hard soldered so if this baby breaks, it’s pretty much game over.


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  1. Matt MacKay Says:

    Hey Man, Love that rehouse. I am currently trying to do the same thing with my verbzilla. I’m putting the VBZ plus a TC electronic trinity reverb into 1 enclosure. Its pretty tough working with the Line 6.

    1. How did you mount the module PCB to the main board? Mine has the 10 pins or so.
    2. How did you mount the footswitch? Dows the silver disc have anything to do with it, or just the small spring loaded black button?

    email or text me back. I’d appreciate the help!


  2. diode Says:

    Hi Matt,

    I ended up hardwiring the module to the main board. Rehousing this pedal is no easy task. Both the silver dome and the little black tact switch are momentary switches. The black tact was replaced with a carling momentary footswitch while the dome was rendered redundant because I added true bypass switching in the rehouse.

  3. Bob Rivera Says:

    Any instructions on how to do this rehousing (I mean specificS). Would the autor charge for such a work on another E/P.?

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