MGD Wishlist: 88RLB Mono Mic Preamp by AMS Neve

Posted on 22 February 2013 by MasterDelight


Picture 1

Neve is the Nike of audio gear. Revered throughout the industry as some of the best studio preamps that money can buy. Around 1985 Neve was aquired by AMS (Advanced Music Systems). AMS Neve continued the tradition that was set up by it’s founder Rupert Neve.

Most recently AMS Neve has created the 88RLB Mono Mic Pre. This preamp will cost you about a grand a piece, but it’s well-built quality will give your studio the preamps that will have bands and artists drooling over the sound they get from your studio.

Below is Robin Porter of Neve talking about the new 88RLB Mic Pre at the Vintage King booth during AES, 2012.

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