Motherbrain’s Custom Console

Posted on 05 March 2013 by diode


Motherbrain, a recording studio in Brooklyn has just been outfitted with one of the most gorgeous consoles on earth. To be exact, it’s actually (now) an analog console / DAW control center. UM Project did an absolutely amazing job retrofitting and modernizing this late 60′s Wiener Schwachstromwerke board. It’s been lovingly appointed in a custom bent ply and steel chassis. From the small pictures on their site, it is a little bit difficult to see exactly what is going on but it looks as if on the left there are 14 channels of original analog input, 4 aux returns or busses and a master fader. The center section has been fitted with an Avid/Euphonix protools control surface and what looks to be some tonelux 500 series outboard. The whole right section of the board is set aside for two rows of full size 19″ outboard mounted horizontally and containing an LA-2A, Retro Audio and more.

motherbrain custom console

This desk is just stunning. I’m sure gearheads will make the trek to motherbrain just to feast their eyes on this piece of art.

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