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Pedal Internals thread

Posted on 19 June 2009 by diode

This is always great fun to look at: “pedal guts pics thread”

Beware, you can easily spend hours on this thread!
The pics with big ugly globs of goo are no fun ;)

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MXR Carbon Copy – rare prototype & hidden mod adjust

Posted on 22 January 2009 by diode

Rare prototype of a flat green (not the production sparkle green) MXR Carbon Copy analog Delay.


Not everyone knows this but inside the chassis are two trim pots which let you dial in rate an depth for the delay modulation. This is preset at the factory and mod is only externally available on the pedal as an on/off switch. Cool that they made the adjustment semi user accessible internally rather than fixed.


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Classic Effects: ADA Flanger

Posted on 11 December 2008 by diode

My ADA is one of my most beloved pieces of gear. It’s analog flanging is pretty much unmatched by any device since. I’ve never heard a plug-in or digital emulation that came close. If you ever have a chance to buy one and the price isn’t insane…DO IT! There was also a re-issue products briefly in the 90′s but I don’t have any first hand experience playing one. Classic bucket brigade circuitry.

Especially cool to integrate with an analog synth since it also has voltage control!

Here’s a pic of my ADA:

ADA Flanger

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