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Korg Volca Beats

Posted on 11 October 2013 by diode

Korg has been on fire lately with their analog revival. It seemed at first that they were just tipping a toe back into the analog water but now with the MS-20 mini and the volca series, they are doing some really great things. Check out this demo of the Volca beats analog drum machine.

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TR-808 vs MFB-522

Posted on 20 February 2013 by MasterDelight

Making beats is paramount to making music. The TR-808 is a cornerstone to so many hip-hop (and more) musical compositions that it’s hard to think that another machine nearly half its size could ever compete. However, the MFB-522 has been making steady strides as a competitor to the 808. Purists would poo poo the argument that anything can touch the 808 but we think those open minded could see the value in the 522.

Here is a great video by lesingemonotone that helps compare the two machines.

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BBC article on how MIDI changed the world

Posted on 30 November 2012 by diode

dave smith sequentialBBC has recently published an article on a bit of the history of MIDI. The article is interesting although relatively short. It is accompanied by an audio interview which is more in depth and a good listen.
From the article:
“What MIDI did is it allowed the first home studios to be born,” “The computers were fast enough to be able to sequence notes, control the number of keyboards and drum machines at the same timeā€¦ it kind of opened up a whole new industry.” -Dave Smith

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Dave Smith Tempest analog drum machine

Posted on 03 February 2011 by diode


The newly announced Tempest digitally controlled analog drum machine from Dave Smith instruments looks amazing. I was fortunate enough to speak with Dave Smith himself at their namm both this year. Very nice guy … he even answered my question about how they still manage to acquire curtis chips for production. They apparently have them fabbed custom in batches to make it still possible to use in their new designs. Back to the tempest … it has 6 drum voices with 2 analog oscillators and 2 digital oscillators per voice. The OLED display looks beautiful as well. Watch the video below!

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Roger Linn interview

Posted on 24 August 2010 by diode

KVR recently did a great interview with Roger Linn. Very interesting story. Read it here

“it occurred to me I could store digital drum recordings in computer memory instead of tape because the sampling time requirement for all the drums added up to only about a second. I built a prototype and all of a sudden, recording artists who wouldn’t return my calls as a guitarist were calling me asking to buy one for $5,000″


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