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Spectral Audio Neptune 2 Synth

Posted on 08 April 2010 by diode

A demo of the Neptune 2 from Swiss company Spectral Audio. “With the Neptune Mk2, Spectral Audio is again tickling out the best of the Analog Technique – three temperature stabilized Voltage Controlled Oscillators, the 24dB transistor cascade filter, the huge LFO range, its modulation flexibility, the envelopes and the transistor distorter section are speaking for itself.”

Originally discovered via matrixsynth.

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Posted on 17 August 2009 by diode

Moog has combined the guitar and bass MuRF pedals and added a full midi implementation in the new MF-105M. At $479 it’s definitely not cheap but it is very cool sounding.


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MegaOhm Audio Delta VCF

Posted on 08 March 2009 by diode


The Delta VCF from MegaOhm audio looks to be a clone of the filter from a Korg Delta analog synth. I don’t see a way to order on the site so I’m assuming you need to contact him/them for orders.  The modules look like they will fit in a “dotcom” (sythesizers.com) format and/or vintage Moog but the MegaOhn audio site does not explicity state the dimensions.

From their site:
“The Delta VCF is more than just a clone of the filter section from a vintage synth of the same name. All of the supporting circuitry has been changed and additional features were added. It also has a behind the panel normallization scheme which results in extremely powerful and interesting sounds.”

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