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Arturia iMini

Posted on 28 February 2013 by diode

I fired up the app store today on my ipad, typed in “moog” and surprisingly found a new offering: the iMini from Arturia. Famous for their line of plug-in and standalone soft synths for Mac and PC, Arturia have carved a nice place for themselves in the sythesizer market. The iMini doesn’t dissapoint. It’s UI is rendered beautifully, it sounds great, features nice additions like delay and chorus …and it’s $9.99. A minimoog for 10 bucks (well not a real one but what do you expect!)
Young musicians are spoiled these days to have access to such high quality, low priced tools. As a teenager, I remember drooling over an 8-track cassete portastudio that was $1200. Way out of my price range at that age. Anyhow, it’s a great little synth! Check it out… a portion of each sale goes to the Bob Moog Foundation

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Focusrite iTrack Solo for iPad

Posted on 26 February 2013 by MasterDelight

For those of you interested in recorded directly into the iPad, Focusrite’s iTrack Solo could be your solution. The magic to connecting the device comes from its “Device Link” port which plugs directly from the iTrack Solo into your iPad (it also has a USB port to plug directly into a laptop or desktop). It does require a power supply as well. Simple and easy way to get a clean signal into your iPad for less than $200.

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Rebirth Revisited

Posted on 08 February 2013 by MasterDelight

Anyone who has been around the digital music environment has invariably came across Rebirth. I came across Rebirth in the late 90s and it completely changed my world. Making music with Rebirth, if you are at all familiar with sequences and digital synths, is a dream. It’s pre-made beats and synth lines get you a feel for what the program can do right off-the-bat. And, it comes with just enough cool equipment to get you creating quickly, but doesn’t bog you down with the “off-the-hinges” capability that you would get with Propellerhead’s Reason. This is a good thing for those who like some structure in their work environments.

Trouble was, Rebirth was discontinued late in 2005.

However, it’s back and now available for the iPad and iPhone. Check the video below for an overview of this classic program now revived for you mobile devices.

And…for you desktop users, the fun doesn’t stop there. You can download a desktop version of the original program by visiting the Rebirth Museum downloads page. Check the user community for instructions on how to get it up and running for your mac or pc.

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