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Korg Kronos synth

Posted on 01 February 2011 by diode

I have to say, I don’t often get excited or impressed when Korg, Roland or Yamaha release a new rompler. But, this new Kronos looks amazing. Seems to be the first of it’s class with really nice graphics.

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Teenage Engineering OP-1 at NAMM 2010

Posted on 20 January 2010 by diode


Teenage Engineering was out in force at 2010 NAMM showing off some impressive new features of their OP-1 portable synth / multifunction device. They showed their new “tape” mode which acts as a virtual 4 track tape recorder. Their OLED graphics are beautiful … just beautiful. I chance to speak with their graphic designer and compliment him on the interface design.

from their site: “instantly let you record anything you do on the OP-1 to any track of the built-in Tape feature. Record your sound tweaks or beats in real-time. Change speed during recording, or record backwards. Split, lift and join. Make a loop or record a section with Tape Step Recording. You have twelve minutes recording time in normal tape speed and 4 tracks to put your magic on.”

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ARP Odyssey custom LED slider mod

Posted on 23 November 2009 by diode

Just had to re-post this. It’s too beautiful …



originally discovered via Matrixsynth

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Posted on 02 September 2009 by diode


Monome has been around for a while now but I’m always impressed when I see demo videos such as the one below. Brian & Kelli are a small team working on what they love and they are also very conscious of the impact they have … from the monome.org site “we strive for economic and ecological sustainability. careful design practice allows us to contribute to culture and preserve the environment by choosing domestic, high-quality, and responsible providers and production facilities. we acknowledge that our future will depend on our ability to support and maintain a local, regenerative economy.”

ro + 256 + milkcrates + monks from ro on Vimeo.

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Moog Exhibit Lecture with Brian Kehew and Larry Fast

Posted on 01 September 2009 by diode

Very interesting and informative lecture by Brian Kehew and Larry Fast filmed and streamed live on the web. This was done on opening weekend of the new Bob Moog exhibit we posted on earlier. The exhibit is at the museum of making music in Carlsbad, CA.

Click here for the video lecture

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Sammy the Hammy plays an Opal Sonome

Posted on 17 May 2009 by diode

This post exists purely because my wife and I love our little hamsters Sophie and Osky.

video originally discovered via Matrixsynth

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