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Arturia 10 Year Suite

Posted on 01 July 2009 by diode

Arturia recently announced their “10 Year Suite” which includes 8 of their software instruments. It’s seriously tempting me as I’ve always wanted a copy of their CS-80 emulation.

From their web site: “The 10 Year Suite brings you 8 software instruments Arturia has built over 10 years … The luxury box contains the highly awarded Minimoog V, Moog Modular V, CS-80V, ARP2600 V, Jupiter-8V ,Prophet V and Prophet VS. Also included are the innovative Brass and the powerful Analog Factory.”


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SM Pro Audio V-Pedal

Posted on 11 May 2009 by diode

Not yet shipping but this looks interesting from the German company SM Pro Audio. This box acts as an embedded host for VST plug-ins that normally run in a DAW on a PC. A 1.5 GHz CPU and 2 gigs of flash memory are included to host your favorite VST plug-ins on the floor. No word on pricing as of yet.

Here is a link to their site.

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Softube plugins

Posted on 28 January 2009 by diode


Met the Softube guys at NAMM this month. They were a really cool bunch of engineers from Sweden. Their plugs are definitely worth giving a try and they make more than just tube emulators although the name implies otherwise ;)

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MOTU Volta

Posted on 23 January 2009 by diode

MOTU has announced Volta, an audio unit plug-in that allows control of conventional analog synths via control voltage. The control voltages are generated by your audio interface…just as long as your interface’s inputs/outputs are dc coupled. AWESOME!


“Volta receives conventional virtual instrument input such as MIDI notes, MIDI controller data or even high-resolution audio track ramp automation and then responds by outputting a corresponding control voltage signal, which the host software then routes to the outputs of any DC-coupled audio interface connected to the computer. The resulting DC voltage can then drive a standard CV input, such as those found on classic modular synthesizers, modern analog mono synths and even popular effects processors such as Moogerfoogers”

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Auto-Tune Tribute

Posted on 05 January 2009 by fansofcollision

Funny spoof on the played-out effect.

From wikipedia.com

“Auto-Tune was used to prominent effect on Cher’s Believe, recorded in 1998. When first interviewed about this, the sound engineers claimed they had used a vocoder, in what Sound on Sound perceives as an attempt to preserve a trade secret.[5] The software came to attention in dancehall reggae music from its use on Tanto Metro & Devonte’s song “Give it to Her” and Beenie Man & Ms. Thing’s song “Dude.” R&B singer T-Pain has been credited with revitalizing the technique in contemporary popular music by making active use of it in his songs, a style that has since gone on to be imitated by numerous other R&B, Hip-hop (including emcees Kanye West and Yung Warsame and Lil’ Wayne, and R&B singer Akon, most notably), and other pop-music artists.[6]
According to the Boston Herald, “Country stars Reba McEntire, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have all confessed to using Auto-Tune in performance, claiming it is a safety net that guarantees ticket buyers a good performance.”[7] It is also used prominently on much recent Ethiopian popular music.”

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