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Valhalla DSP Bladerunner demo

Posted on 11 October 2013 by diode

Just heard this Valhalla DSP demo of the bladerunner theme performed on the Korg Volca keys through an unreleased reverb algorithm. Pretty good Valhalla, pretty pretty good.

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Herbie Hancock CMI on Sesame Street

Posted on 29 August 2013 by diode

This is some great footage of Herbie Hancock explaining some rudiments of what a sampler does. This is of course one of the first samplers available, the Fairlight CMI.

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Roland TB-303 with Acidlab Mod – MGD Wishlist

Posted on 19 March 2013 by MasterDelight


Perhaps one of the most coveted TB-303 mods in the history of the synth. Almost impossible to find on eBay (units have been sold for over a grand) and, to make matters more confusing, there is another Acidlab synth company that has a similar product but is not the same. Also, this picture: Venetian Snares using one of these mods (although he’s got colored knobs ’cause he’s cooler than most of us). So, all that adds up to an MGD wishlist item.

Venetian Snares playing acidlab modded TB-303 on a train

Here are some details about the mod found at Matrixsynth (with more information at Synthfind):

Mod details:

  • The inputs are q- accent- gate- slide- vcf- vcf cut off-vca-cv these are for use with a midi-cv converter, analog synth or tb-303.
  • The outputs are eg- accent- slide- square- saw- vcf these could be patched to an external filter or effects unit or tb-303.

Toggle switches:

  • Accent – up normal, down accents on all notes
  • Slide – up normal, down slide on all notes
  • Waveform modulation – saw, square
  • Resonance – up normal, down rear vcf input.


  • Decay – from off to standerd
  • Resonance – adds q level
  • X-mod – modulation level
  • Overdrive – volume control of vco to filter
  • Pots come with 303 type knobs to retain original look.
  • LEDs: three new LED show programming accent, slide, bend.

Acidlab kit comes with faceplate overlay: 4 knobs, 4 pots, 4 switches, 3 LEDs, 8 inputs, 6 outputs, color coded instructions with wires- all resistors, caps, diodes, pot mounts and rear sticker.


Photos by Maxtrixsynth

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Arturia iMini

Posted on 28 February 2013 by diode

I fired up the app store today on my ipad, typed in “moog” and surprisingly found a new offering: the iMini from Arturia. Famous for their line of plug-in and standalone soft synths for Mac and PC, Arturia have carved a nice place for themselves in the sythesizer market. The iMini doesn’t dissapoint. It’s UI is rendered beautifully, it sounds great, features nice additions like delay and chorus …and it’s $9.99. A minimoog for 10 bucks (well not a real one but what do you expect!)
Young musicians are spoiled these days to have access to such high quality, low priced tools. As a teenager, I remember drooling over an 8-track cassete portastudio that was $1200. Way out of my price range at that age. Anyhow, it’s a great little synth! Check it out… a portion of each sale goes to the Bob Moog Foundation

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Dave Smith’s Mopho

Posted on 18 February 2013 by MasterDelight

You like that big bass? You like that fun, easy sequencing? You like that quality sound? You will love the Mopho by Dave Smith. Check out the video demo below to check out just how fun this little synth can be.

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What the Future Sounded Like

Posted on 14 January 2013 by diode

“What the Future Sounded Like” is a documentary from 2006 highlighting the rise of electronic music in the UK. It’s an interesting peice because it shines a light on EMS, who often only get attention for the VCS3 and SYNTHI instruments but not for their role in pioneering the sequencer and computer controlled music.

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BBC article on how MIDI changed the world

Posted on 30 November 2012 by diode

dave smith sequentialBBC has recently published an article on a bit of the history of MIDI. The article is interesting although relatively short. It is accompanied by an audio interview which is more in depth and a good listen.
From the article:
“What MIDI did is it allowed the first home studios to be born,” “The computers were fast enough to be able to sequence notes, control the number of keyboards and drum machines at the same time… it kind of opened up a whole new industry.” -Dave Smith

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Hilarious April fools from Moog

Posted on 03 April 2011 by diode

Introducing … the polyphonic theremin!

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Dave Smith Tempest analog drum machine

Posted on 03 February 2011 by diode


The newly announced Tempest digitally controlled analog drum machine from Dave Smith instruments looks amazing. I was fortunate enough to speak with Dave Smith himself at their namm both this year. Very nice guy … he even answered my question about how they still manage to acquire curtis chips for production. They apparently have them fabbed custom in batches to make it still possible to use in their new designs. Back to the tempest … it has 6 drum voices with 2 analog oscillators and 2 digital oscillators per voice. The OLED display looks beautiful as well. Watch the video below!

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Korg Kronos synth

Posted on 01 February 2011 by diode

I have to say, I don’t often get excited or impressed when Korg, Roland or Yamaha release a new rompler. But, this new Kronos looks amazing. Seems to be the first of it’s class with really nice graphics.

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