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Brad Paisley’s rig damaged in recent Nashville flood

Posted on 11 May 2010 by diode

Ouch! Not like he can’t afford to replace this stuff but some of it will be hard to come by … like the original Way Huge Aqua Puss. Found via twitter


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3 New WayHuge Pedals

Posted on 07 January 2009 by diode


Premier Guitar has just posted a comprehensive review of the 3 new overdrive/distortion pedals recently released by WayHuge Electronics under the auspices of Dunlop.

Read it here.

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WayHuge Electronics re-launches with new site

Posted on 16 December 2008 by diode

WayHuge electronics has re-launched under the Dunlop brand.

Jeorge Tripps, the founder, started WayHuge in 1992 and built a cult following. After closing shop in 1999, the pedals got extremely popular and valuable on the ebay/used gear circuit. After ’99 he did a stint at Line6 and was involved in such products as the DL4, MM4, Spider amps and the Tonecore pedals. Now, teaming up with Dunlop, Wayhuge will be his main gig once again. The new pedals look great, that’s for sure.

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